Thursday, April 5, 2018

Good afternoon everyone!

I hope you had a wonderful night. For our Arts’ Night, we are asking that each student bring in a picture from their childhood…it can be of any change (baby, toddler, young child, etc). Please send in all pictures no later than April 20th. Thank you in advance! Please send students with a fully charged device tomorrow, as we will be using it for a web quest. April hot lunch payments are due tomorrow.

**Full Winter Uniforms tomorrow**

French homework tonight - find the meaning of Loisir, verb 'aller' et 'faire'

St. Jude’s FC A new and exciting soccer program has arrived at SJA. St. Jude’s FC is the official soccer academy affiliated with SJA, which is currently taking applicants for its inaugural season. St. Jude's FC will be playing against the best REP teams around the area. Do not miss the opportunity to sign your child up to not only play against the best, but be coached by the best as well.  Please see flyer sent home for further information. If you are interested in joining, please fill out the flyer and send into Ms. Dawn. Let’s go St. Jude’s FC!!

Upcoming Dates & Events

Friday, April 6 – April hot lunch payments due & Grade 4’s are to wear their full winter uniform

Tuesday, April 10 – Transformational Geometry math test

Monday, April 16-Friday, April 20 – Spring Fundraiser

Friday, April 20 – Earth Spirit Day – wear your Earth colours

Wednesday, April 25 – Gregg Le Rock concert & Casual Day


Today we learned about symmetry. A line of symmetry is a mirror object. It divides a figure into 2 or more congruent parts. Remember that congruent means same shape, same size. A symmetrical figure has one of more lines of symmetry.

Key points to remember:

Coordinates can be used to describe locations on a grid or map. There are 2 kinds of coordinate systems. The first is on a map, in which the coordinate refers to a square. The second is on a grid, in which the coordinate refers to a point.

Transformationsrotations (turn), reflections (flip), and translations (slide). For a translation you must also include the description of the movements, such as 4 squares up and 3 squares to the right. Please note that the figure/shape must remain the same size!

Congruent means same shape, same size.


-MMS pg 100-101 if not completed in class
-Unit math test on Tuesday, April 10


Today we continued working on Frindle activity #2 and DRA’s.


-Frindle activity #2 due on Tuesday
-Read for 40 minutes


Today we had some fun doing a web quest. A web quest allows students to research answers to question using the World Wide Web.  


-Begin collecting pebbles (very teeny tiny rocks) and place in a Ziploc bag with your name on it
-Bring in a device again to finish the web quest

Web quest fun!

I hope you have a wonderful night!

Mrs. Hocevar J

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