Thursday, October 26, 2017

Good afternoon everyone!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! The mornings are becoming cooler, so please make sure your child is dressed for the weather! Please forgive me for not posting pictures. My computer is saying I have no room to download! I will be having it looked at this weekend!

House tie day tomorrow!!

Sibling pictures will be done in February when graduation pictures are taken.

Harvest/Halloween Spirit Day is just around the corner. Students may come dressed in their costume or in harvest colours – orange, brown, etc. Please no send students with scary costumes or masks. Weapons will also not be allowed. If you care to send in a goodie bag with candy or pencils/erasers, you may do so. Please do not send in cupcakes! Candy will not be eaten at school, but will be sent home with students. It will be a fun day of Halloween/Harvest activities and a dance.

Please note that after care invoices have been sent via Freshbooks. After care payments are due Tuesday, October 31. Please also note that we are no longer accepting cheques as a method of payment. Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

I sent home the Polar Expressions Publishing letter and information a few weeks back. I strongly encourage students to enter on their own time. One of my students placed third last year in the short poem category. Please keep in mind the due dates – poetry deadline is November 15 and the short story deadline is November 30. Good luck!

A note from Ms. Bancud - Ordering Website is now active for the month of November. You may start ordering your child's lunches! Please make sure your child is under the correct grade when ordering The last day to order for November will be Friday,
October 27th. After this date, our system closes and is unable to open for November ordering. All payments are due on Friday, November 3rd. 

Payment Instructions
  • There are two options to pay for lunches. Cash and online via Freshbooks. 
  • If you choose to pay through Freshbooks, please choose the cheque option on the ordering site. 
  • Cheque payments will not be accepted. 
    • Shortly after completing your order, a Freshbooks invoice will be sent to your email. 
    • It may take one or two days to process your order to Freshbooks, so please be check your email diligently for the invoice.  

Another item has been added to our Hot Lunch Program as a Special. This month's special is Vegetarian Lasagna that will be available every Friday!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at 

A note from Ms. Dawn – Scholastic forms were sent home today. All orders will be due Friday, October 27. Payments can be made using Cheque or Parent Pay. Cash will not be accepted as a form of payment.

For Parent Pay then can log on to and enter the following credentials

Province - Ontario
City - Mississauga
School - St Judes Academy
Teacher - Dawn Goulart

Food Drive – As part of their UOI and action plan, Alister and Aashrith from Ms. Ramcharan’s Grade 2 class, are holding a food drive. These donations will be donated to the local food banks. This food drive will run from now until October 26th. Please bring any non-perishable food items to me and I will hold it until the end of the food drive.

Upcoming Dates & Events

Friday, October 27 – Last day to order November hot lunch, after school activity forms due, & Scholastic orders due

Tuesday, October 31 – Harvest/Halloween Spirit Day – please no scary costumes/masks and no weapons. If you do not celebrate Halloween, please feel free to come dressed in fall colours – orange, brown, black.

Friday, November 3 – November hot lunch payments due


Today we switched gears and looked at money! We estimated and counted money, made certain amounts of money using different bills and coins, and solved word problems using money. Remember when it asks how much all together it means to add!! Please remember to line up your numbers correctly (using place value).


-MMS pg 80-81


Today we read chapter 9 of Anne. In this chapter, Anne played ‘Daring’ with her friends and hurt herself. Ask me how! She also received something for Christmas she had wanted very badly. Ask me what it was. We also filled in our self and peer evaluation for our UOI summative assessments.

We will be writing our OWA post assessment tomorrow. Students will be given a sheet with information on a particular Canadian animal to read and review tonight. Tomorrow students will have to write a report on that animal using an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion.


-Read for 40 minutes
-Read and highlight important points for your report (the Beluga whale)


Yesterday we learned how we hear. Sound travels in our outer ear and heads down the earn canal. It vibrates our eardrum, and those vibrations make their way through the three tiny bones. From there, the sound vibrations travel through the cochlea and makes the tiny hairs (the nerve) send a message to our brain! All of this takes three seconds!

Today we got hands on! We completed some experiments using tuning forks, yogurt containers, sugar, and water. Ask me what happened with the sugar and the water!


I hope you have a wonderful night!

Mrs. Hocevar J

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