Monday, September 25, 2017

Good afternoon everyone!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend! We had a great weekend. Kase started his skating lessons and we enjoyed some time in our neighbours pool!

It is our bake sale tomorrow. Please bring in nut free baked good and please avoid may contain items. All food donations can be dropped off in our classroom. Popsicles will also be for sale!!! Many thanks in advance!!

A note from Ms. Chin: Hello Parent(s)/Guardians: 

We would like to send a friendly reminder to all parent(s)/guardian(s) to please label your child(ren)'s uniform pieces to help us retrieve items in a more efficient manner and to reduce the number of lost uniform pieces. All unidentified uniform pieces have been place in our lost and found box located outside of the gymnasium area, and all identified pieces have been returned to the appropriate students. 

We are also kindly asking all parent(s)/guardian(s) to please check your child's uniform labels to ensure that your child has not accidentally taken home someone else's uniform piece. If this is the case, please return the uniform piece to you child's homeroom teacher. Iron-on name labels are also available through Multiform Canada.

Thank you for your cooperation. 

A Note From Ms. Bancud regarding lunches: Ordering Website is now Active for the month of October. You may start ordering your child's lunches! Please make your child is under the correct grade, as there were many mistakes made for last month's ordering. The last day to order for October will be Wednesday, September 26th. After this date, our system closes and is unable to open for October ordering. All payments are due on Friday, October 6th. 

Cheque payments will not be accepted. If you choose the cheque option on the ordering site, it will be assumed that the payment is made through FreshBooks and you will be invoiced. 

Another item has been added to our Hot Lunch Program as a Special. This month's special is Shepherd's Pie that will be available every Friday!

SJA and Oakwood Academy are hosting a Welcome Back BBQ on Monday, October 2, from 4:00-5:30 PM. Order forms were sent home today and are due back by Wednesday, September 27th. Items to order will be combos priced from $6 to $8. Each combo will include a bag of chips, drink and either a hot dog (beef or chicken), a hamburger, or a veggie burger. Please pay via Freshbooks (you will be invoiced) or cash. Cheques will NOT be accepted!

Upcoming Dates & Events

Monday, September 25 – Gregg LeRock French concert forms and money due today. Please send any outstanding forms in by tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 26 – Bake sale – it is our turn to host the bake sale. Please bring in NUT FREE baked goods. Please refrain from ‘MAY CONTAIN’ as well. It is also our Terry Fox Run – please bring in a TOONIE FOR TERRY and wear your gym uniform! Today is the last day to order October Hot Lunch. After today, the site will shut down.

Wednesday, September 27 - Bake sale – it is our turn to host the bake sale. Please bring in NUT FREE baked goods. Please refrain from ‘MAY CONTAIN’ as well. It is also Casual Day. Welcome Back BBQ order forms due as well.

Friday, September 29 – Orange Shirt Day

Thursday, October 5 – International Day

Friday, October 6 – October Hot Lunch payments due via Freshbooks – PD Day therefore no school

Monday, October 9 – Thanksgiving Monday therefore no school


Today we looked at adding numbers. For some questions, we used our rounding skills to help us. Please remember your rounding rules – 1-4 round down & 5-9 round up. For example when rounding to the nearest hundred 12 would round to 10 and 18 would round to 20. For the nearest 100, 233 would round to 200 and 571 would round to 600. Please remember to look to the number next door to help you decide if you should round down. **When adding make sure you line up your numbers correctly!**

Points to remember:
Standard Form is simply writing the number out in numbers (9361).
Written Form is writing it out in words (9361 = nine thousand, three hundred and sixty one).
Expanded Form is breaking up the number by using place value and + signs (9361 = 9000 + 300 + 60 + 1).

Place value chart.

Hundred Thousand

We also looked at ordering numbers and figuring out if some numbers were greater than, less than, or equal to. Remember the alligator mouth eats the bigger number (54 > 11, 2599 < 3001).


-pg 50 (#2, 3, 4) and the rounding sheet (in math homework duo tang)


Today we worked on our Spelling Workout lesson #3 on long vowel sounds. Remember that a long vowel sound says it name as in these, rodent, and scale!

SJA has a subscription to Raz-Kids. Each student has been sent a login. Please take the time this weekend to check out the website ( and log your child in!

Capitalization Hints:
M – months of the year
I – I
N – Name of people, places, things, etc.
T – Titles of books, movies, TV shows
S – Start each sentence with a capital letter


-Finish spelling lesson #3

French Fun!


Today we had our presentations on our natural resource research project. Everyone did a wonderful job! Some students even add pictures to their presentations…what wonderful action!


-Regions quiz on Wednesday – a review was sent home – students will have to label the regions on a map and part of the quiz will be an open book fill in the blank!

Our Fantastic Presentations!

I hope you have a wonderful night!

Mrs. Hocevar J

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