Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Good afternoon everyone!

I hope you had a wonderful night.

 **Spelling Bee information and lists have been sent home. Please have students practice with the provided lists.**

A note from our MYP Shakespeare Performers: On Thursday, May 10th, we would like to invite to our SJA parents and guardians to attend our upper school theatre performance of Romeo and Juliet being hosted at the University of Toronto Mississauga MiST Theatre (3359 Mississauga Rd, Mississauga, ON L5L 1C6) for FREE! The performance will begin at 6:30pm. For your enjoyment, SJA PYP teachers will be hosting a FREE SJA dance in the SJA auditorium for those children whose parents are attending the show, so you can sit back and relax. The dance drop off will begin at 6:00pm. For students whose parents are not viewing the performance, they are welcome to join the dance for a cost of $15. Don’t miss out on seeing your favourite SJA teachers boogie down!! Once again, the doors open at 6:00 and close around 8:30!

To reserve your tickets for the dance and the theatre performance, please e-mail Kaitlin at reception@stjudesacademy.com. Limited tickets are available and are available on a first-come first-served basis. 

Please find additional details about the performance and dance in the flyer attached. 

What an amazing performance the MYP students put on for Romeo and Juliet. Well done!

The Grade 4s watching the show!

Scenes from today!

St. Jude’s FC A new and exciting soccer program has arrived at SJA. St. Jude’s FC is the official soccer academy affiliated with SJA, which is currently taking applicants for its inaugural season. St. Jude's FC will be playing against the best REP teams around the area. Do not miss the opportunity to sign your child up to not only play against the best, but be coached by the best as well.  Please see flyer sent home for further information. If you are interested in joining, please fill out the flyer and send into Ms. Dawn. Let’s go St. Jude’s FC!!

Please see Ms. Smith for summer camp registration!

Upcoming Dates & Events

Thursday, May 10 – MYP Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet at the MiST Theater – Dance for students will be held at SJA for parents wanting to attend the evening performance.

Friday, May 11 – In-class Spelling Bee

Monday, May 14 – Math test & Crock-A-Doodle permission forms and money due

Tuesday, May 15 - JK-Grade 2 Spelling Bee

Wednesday, May 16 – Grade 3-8 Spelling Bee

Thursday, May 17 – JK-Grade 2 Arts’ Night

Friday, May 19 – PD Day – No School

Monday, May 21 – Victoria Day – No School

Tuesday, May 29 – Casual Day

Wednesday, May 30 – Grade 3-8 Arts’ Night

Friday, May 31 – SJA/TMA Inner School Spelling Bee Competition


Today we began show what you know, the first of two reviews. Please keep in mind our math test will take place on Monday, May 14.

Fractions and Division:

Fractions and decimals:

Comparing Fractions:

Lowest Common Denominator

Key points to remember:

Numerator is the number on the top part of the fraction.

Denominator is the number on the bottom part of the fraction.

A proper fraction is a fraction where the smaller number is the numerator and a bigger number is the denominator. For example, ½, 3/5, 5/8.

An improper fraction is when the numerator has a bigger number and the denominator has a smaller number. For example, 12/7.

A mixed number has both a whole number and a fraction. For example, 1 ¼.

Cross-multiplication - we begin by multiplying the first numerator with the second denominator. Then we multiply the first denominator with the second numerator. For example; 3/5 and 2/4. We multiply 3 x 4 =12 and 5 x 2 = 10. Our new fractions are now 12/5 and 10/4. Whichever fraction has the bigger numerator is the bigger fraction, so from our example 3/5 is greater than (>) 2/4. For fractions that have the same denominator we do not have to do anything but look at the numerators.

Fractions to decimals - 3/10 = 0.3, 15/100 = .15, 125/100 = 1.25. We also need to keep in mind that we can covert simple fractions as well. For example; ¼ - .25, ¾ = .75, 4/5 = .80.  Remember to keep things out of 10 and 100! We can also put mixed numbers into decimals as well. For example; 2 ½ = 2.5, 2 ¾ = 2.75.

Division Sentences - 63/7=9, the divisor is 7, the 63 is the dividend, and the 7 is the quotient.

Estimating – For multiplication - 7.01 x 9 = 7 x 9 = 63 & 25.78 x 2 = 26 x 2 = 52. For division - 9.8/5 = 10/5 = 2 & 18.29/3 = 18/3 = 6.


-Math test Monday, May 14


Today we practiced for Spelling Bee, as well as for our Arts’ Night performance. The song that we are singing is ‘Parents Just Don’t Understand,’ which is a rap song. For our costumes/outfits, I am asking for jean (baggy if possible), t-shirts, skater shoes/jogging shoes, baseball hats (we will wear them sideways), and big gold chains.

A note on Spelling Bee – we will be practicing our spelling words beginning tomorrow during our language period. Our in-class competition will take place on Friday, May 11, where two students will move forward to our SJA Spelling Bee competition on Wednesday, May 16. Our in-class competition will run the same way the school competition will run. Students will have to say the word, spell it correctly, and say the word again to announce they are finished. If the students forget to say the word before or after, or misspell the word, they will be out. Please be sure to practice at home!!


-Read 40 minutes
-Spelling Bee practice

Practicing 'Parents Just Don't Understand'


Today we added some work to our portfolios and wrote our reflection for our Rocks and Minerals unit. Tomorrow we start our final Unit of Inquiry – The Artist’s Society. We will examine different types of poetry and different types of art.


I hope you have a wonderful night!

Mrs. Hocevar J

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