Thursday, November 30, 2017

Good evening everyone!

I hope everyone had a wonderful night!

What an amazing day we had. I am so proud of all the hard work the Grade 4’s put into their first individual Science Fair. A superb job! Thank you again for all of your support over the past few weeks. I know how busy it has been. We will get back to a normal schedule on Monday!

I sent home the Polar Expressions Publishing letter and information a few weeks back. I strongly encourage students to enter on their own time. One of my students placed third last year in the short poem category. Please keep in mind the due date for the short story is due today, Thursday, November 30. Good luck!

March Break Camp registrations have been sent home. If you are interested in registering you chid for our amazing March Break camp, please send in the completed March Break camp registration form, along with the $20 one-time non-refundable deposit. Please note that lunch is also included each day!

A note from our Librarian, Ms. Hayward - Our Very First Book Fair is Coming Soon – Yee-Haw!
“Saddle Up & Read” with the first Scholastic Book Fair at St. Jude’s Academy – December 7 to December 14There will be lots of exciting books, posters, bookmarks, pens and pencils, etc. to choose from! Proceeds will go to buying great new books for our library.
Students interested in being part of the Student Crew will be meeting tomorrow (Nov.21) at lunch. More Parent Volunteers are also needed.  If you’d like to help out please contact Ms. Hayward at Keep an eye out for more information here on your teacher’s blog, on Facebook, and on the Library blog:

The student crew is getting ready to run a few games starting Friday and into next week. One of them will stop by each of your classes to introduce the game and give each student their "free" guess ballot or to play the game. Extra guesses can be bought for 25c each or $5 guesses for a dollar so please let your students know to bring their change if they'd like to participate.

Year Ahead DaySJA is excited to announce that Year Ahead Day is happening again this year!  All SJA PYP students will be participating in this exciting event on Tuesday, December 5th.   Year Ahead Day is a fun and interactive day for the students at SJA to spend a day in the class of the grade level ahead of them (example: SK students spend their day as Grade 1 students, Grade 4 students, spend their day as Grade 5 students, Grade 6 students spend their day as Grade 7 students, etc.).  This is a great way for the students at SJA to get a glimpse into their future life at SJA!  Students can get to know the teachers, see their future classroom, and take part in activities they will be participating in next year. My Grade 4’s will be spending the day with Ms. Khan. Please keep in mind that although Ms. Khan will have them for Year Ahead Day, it does not mean that Ms. Khan will be teaching Grade 5 next year.

Upcoming Dates & Events

Friday, December 1 – Light and Sound Summative presentations

Thursday, December 7 – Thursday, December 14 – SJA first book fair

Tuesday, December 5 – Year Ahead Day

Thursday, December 7 – Student-Led Conferences

Friday, December 8 – December hot lunch payments due

Tuesday, December 12 – JK-2 Christmas Concert

Tuesday, December 19 – Casual Day

Wednesday, December 20 – 3-8 Christmas Concert

Thursday, December 21 – Christmas Spirit Day and Last Day of School Before Christmas Break


Today we had Science Fair.

Key points to remember:

-       1 mm = 0.1 cm & 1 mm = 0.01 dm
-       1 cm = 10 mm (x by 10), 1 cm = 0.1 dm & 1 cm = 0.01 m
-       1 dm = 100 mm (x by 100), 1 dm = 10 cm (x by 10) & 1 dm = 0.1 m
-       1 m = 1000 mm (x by 1000), 1 m = 100 cm (x by 100) & 1 m = 10 dm (x by 10)
-       1 km = 1000 m (x by 1000)
Perimeter – is the outside of a figure and can be found by counting the units along the outside. We can also add up, or measure and add up, each side to find the perimeter.

Area – is the inside of a figure and can be found by counting the square units inside the figure.

To find the perimeter of a rectangle, we multiply the length x 2 and multiply the width x 2 then add those numbers together (2 x length) + (2 x width).


- Light and Sound Summative presentations tomorrow


Today we had our Science Fair.


-Light and Sound Summative presentations tomorrow


Today we had our Science Fair.


- Light and Sound Summative presentations tomorrow

I hope you have a wonderful night!

Mrs. Hocevar J

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