Thursday, November 9, 2017

Good evening everyone!

I hope everyone had a wonderful night!

I sent home the Polar Expressions Publishing letter and information a few weeks back. I strongly encourage students to enter on their own time. One of my students placed third last year in the short poem category. Please keep in mind the due dates – poetry deadline is November 15 and the short story deadline is November 30. Good luck!

We have a new initiative beginning here at SJA - The Attitude Journal. As you are all aware, each month we award a student who has shown a particular attribute. We also want to focus on the attitude, which accompanies each attribute. We are doing this two ways. One way we are doing this is that once a month, one class will do a presentation on that month's attitude. Our class took the lead and Ronit, Ali, and Divyansh did a skit and song on the attitude 'Independence.' The second way we are doing this is by sending home a daily journal. This journal will be sent home once a month to each child in the classroom. Its purpose is for students to inquire and reflect on human commonality, diversity and multiple perspectives. We are hoping to expose students to diversity, teach tolerance and see commonalities amongst people, places, and cultures in the world. When it is your turn we ask that you please assist your child in writing a sentence or two about the monthly attitude (listed below). Students can write their sentence about a person, culture or country that they believe portrays this attitude. Please keep adding sentences to the same page.

A note from Oakwood: Dear SJA Families,
Kindness Day is celebrated nationwide annually, on the 13th of November.  It is a day to celebrate and promote kindness in all its forms. World Kindness Day falls on the same day and unites people in kindness globally. On November 13th, St. Jude's Academy is celebrating World Kindness Day by encouraging all students to share  kind words to each other and unite as a whole school with their neighbours at Oakwood.  By bringing in $2, students can participate in a special World Kindness Day event by writing a kind message or quote on a leaf and then post it on our World Kindness Tree for all to see.   In addition to sharing their kind words, they will be supporting their neighbours at Oakwood and also be allowed to dress casually.
As part of a united world school, IB learners strive to be kind everyday. This year, we are looking forward to emphasizing and celebrating acts of kindness on Monday, November 13th and we hope everyone is able to participate in our World Kindness Day events!

If you are ordering school pictures, all orders and payments are due by Tuesday, November 14.

Upcoming Dates & Events

Friday, November 10 – No School – PD Day

Monday, November 13 – Kindness Day, Unit 6 Math Test, and Science Fair Begins

Tuesday, November 14 – School picture orders due

Friday, November 17 – Picture Re-takes and Light and Sound Summative begins

Tuesday, November 28 - Bake Sale (we are not hosting)

Wednesday, November 29 – Sound Scientists in the School Workshop (9-11), Casual Day, and Bake Sale

Thursday, November 30 – Science Fair – Parents are welcome to join after the judging

Friday, December 1 – Light and Sound Summative Due


Today we took up our review and answered any question to clear things up. Math test is on Monday.


-Math test on Monday


Today we had our lesson #9 spelling test and we read another chapter of Anne. In this chapter Anne goes off Queen’s university and does very well. She continues her competition to be the best with Gilbert. Ask me what Gilbert won and ask me what Anne won. When Anne returns home, she finds out that Matthew is not well. Does this tell us something about the next chapter? Stay tuned to find out!


-Read for 40 minutes
-Sign and return spelling test - wrong words to be written out 10x


Today we watched a video on how we see. We also labelled the important parts of the eye!


-Sign and return light quiz

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! See you on Monday!

Mrs. Hocevar J

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